What is my Goodbye?

I lost my pride in the mix of everything. I began to understand that everything happens and doesn’t happen for a reason. I don’t have to be good at goodbyes for things to be alright. All that matters is that you and I understand each other. 

 The world is a beautiful place and when we open our eyes to this fact, goodbye is merely a formality that should be stated as a see you later or until we meet again. For In every sunset and sunrise we see each other again. 

 We open our arms to the morning and the evening light and there is never an end, merely a continuation of the great circle of evolving development. That’s when you realize that all the pride you were building up means nothing the giant scheme of the universe. You are merely one in a billon of atoms circling in the giant dance but without you the dance would not continue in the same pattern. You may be scared of loosing your mind in this but really it’s just going to take a little time. Letting your breath out, let the tears of goodbye come naturally like the rain, washing away. 

 Let the goodbye cleanse your soul of everything that you are holding onto and move forward. Wipe away the sadness realizing that now you are stronger. Embrace the future as wonderful news and see the beauty grow from this spring rain, blossoming into a new bright future. Only then does the pride you had held melt away into selflessness and inner reflection and understanding of the complete emotion.  So say goodbye to the naive past being content in the educated now.

Goodbye does not mean goodbye but moving onward. We must learn to cope with them. Today, everyday there are millions of people saying goodbye. In another land I began to understand that I had to get lost in order to find myself again and become friendly with goodbyes. This may be the last time we share this exact moment so let in some hope in every word we utter. I began to understand that in order to fully love everyone I must first learn to love the haters and myself. We were born to be who we are. Listen with your heart open, have you heard? Goodbye is only a midpoint of the journey before you.  


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