Quantity vs Quality

In everyday life we seem to almost be consumed by the constant bombardment to have quantity, to buy more or to subscribe to the latest fad. But when is more just too much?

The world is increasingly becoming ruled by technology driven fads, the fast paced changes can be hard to keep up with. With mainstream media pushing us to subscribe to their viewpoint of what we “need,” we may find ourselves moving faster in an attempt to keep up. We are pushed to believe that if we don’t own the newest technology or are not following the most recent trends we are somehow behind.

This constant drive towards an overindulgence of materialism can eventually lead to a breakdown and a subsequent negative effect on overall happiness. We may begin to think that we can buy our happiness or well being by getting quantity, when in actuality it has little to do with that at all. In a world consumed by the quantity concept is important to remember that quality is what we should strive for. 

With society expecting us to keep up with the ever changing pace, it’s good to take a step back and slow down. But, with all this stuff, this quantity, are we really happy? Research has shown that “stuff” doesn’t necessarily make us unhappy but it doesn’t make us happy either. It may begin to seem at times that out possessions, out quantity, begins to own us, rather than the other way around. Could we be happy with less, with quality instead of quantity? This seems obvious, instead concentrating on making very deliberate and conscious decisions about the things we consume and the actions we take. 

So, next time you are out remember to time to think before you buy that extra “necessity” or rush out to purchase the newest technology, do you really need it? As Julian Baggini said, “Seek first what is true and of value, and then whatever happiness follows will be of the appropriate quantity and, more importantly, quality.”


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