La Dorada – When the River Came

Hello everyone.  So I haven’t posted in awhile because we have been trying to make it though flood waters.  We haven’t had electricity for about 3 days and the water has been up to our knees in the house and in places outside when you’re walking you had to be very careful because it would go over your head.  Now we are just cleaning the mud out of the house and trying to salvage what we can.  You can find more of my story at: 

La Dorada, Caldas is a municipality of Caldas Department in Colombia.  Due to extreme rains and the Colombian government opening the damns in the area massive flooding has occurred along the Magdalena River.  

Farmers and Ranchers live along this area and many of their livelihoods are in danger due to the flooding.  Cattle had to be relocated to higher ground so that they are safe but there is not enough pasture (grass) for all of the cattle.  Most ranchers are small farmers and do not have enough money to buy hay to feed their cows since they usually depend on the naturally occurring pasture that is now underneath the river water.  

Like my father-in-law, selling their cattle is not an option since they depend on the cows for their livelihood selling the milk from the cows each day.  Due to the intense flooding many have been unable to even get the milk from their cows to the markets in order to sell it.  People who are already struggling financially are now even more stressed out because they have no income during a time when they will have to recover not only their land but their homes as well.  

This is not a request for myself but for the ranchers and farmers around us.  $20 (USD) will buy enough hay to feed 10 cows for 3 days.  I know that everyone in their own lives has their own financial responsibilities and obligations.  Please consider helping because I know that you would actually be someone’s miracle.  

Thank you!

Please see more of my updates and story at:


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